Guardian - Sub Sea Sonics Offshore Trawl Sled

The Guardian Sled is a high-capacity line and buoy retention system that doubles as an end anchor for trawls or groundlines. Guardians are paired with industry-leading Sub Sea Sonics acoustic releases. The Guardian Sled holds up to 300 fa of line and weighs up to 90 lbs. It is uniquely adjustable for different sizes and amounts of line which eliminates tangles and ensures reliability.

Guardians are proven reliable and are easily incorporated into established operations. The cost of the system is about 70% less than other on-demand systems.

Base price: ~$600 USD

Options: Deepwater (>1200ft, 360m, 200fa) release upgrade

                Additional floatation

                Line length, size, buoyancy and quality options

                Custom dimensions and weight

Guardian Sled
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